Vishal Signh

“I have the tools now Jason so thank-you”

My whole life I have been struggling with weight loss, my weight just kept creeping up! I really didn’t know how to lose the weight. Every time I would lose weight it would just return.

I have been wearing a CPAP machine for 5 years now because I have gained so much weight that I needed the machine to help me breath at night while I sleep.

My health was deteriorating and I knew I had to do something, but I didn’t know any way that would create lasting change.

I was browsing movies on my streaming service and saw the Super Juice Me! film. I love to watch people succeed, I was really hopeful watching these people change their lives for the better. It motivated me to try as well. I felt I was just like any of them.

I decided to do the 28 day juice plan to improve my health, I bought a juicer and the 28 day Super Juice Me! App and just followed along with the plan.

  • CURRENT WEIGHT: 247lbs
  • TOTAL LOST SO FAR: 33lbs

I am committed to doing the plan again for another 28 days soon and dropping my weight further. I haven’t been this weight in 4 years!

I am happy to have lost this weigh but even happier to be healthier, I want to take back my health!

I have the tools now Jason so thank-you for sharing the knowledge.

Vishal Singh (New York USA)