Stuart Cosbie

"My weight is 10st 9lbs from 12st 14lbs"

Hi Jason I’ve been super juiced and I feel FANTASTIC!!!

After some conversations with my fiancé we decided to embark on the 28 day juice challenge, we started our research (a very important part of the process I found) we watched the films and read the book,I’d also had a conversation with a friend who had completed the challenge some years ago and had been to juicy oasis a number of times he gave me the push and told me he would join me on the challenge,

My story is a simple one I’m sure you have heard many times before, I didn’t feel particularly big/chubby maybe I was kidding myself but I didn’t feel obese, this challenge wasn’t about weight for me, it was about inner health, any weight loss was a bonus,

See for 8 years I’ve been suffering with a lot of anxiety about my health, I’m getting older after all, I always considered myself a fit guy, I play sport and was a pretty good runner from a young age,

I’d had a funny turn at my new job 8 years ago, felt dizzy and faint etc so they sent me to my GP, who informed me my blood pressure was high… ok “take these pills and come back in two weeks” from that moment onwards I’ve had high blood pressure every time I attend the drs so he doubled the dose, then doubles it again, still my BP was high, no1 would want to help me get it down they just throw pills at me which on reading the leaflet that comes with the tablets brought my anxiety up and of course my blood pressure up, for 8 years I’ve had monitors on my heart and tablets to try, side effects from the tablets etc etc nothing worked. Yet I felt no1 would listen. by this time I’d given up running, football and anything that I felt would put my heart under pressure for fear of having a heart attack.

Fast forward to 09/08/22 my yearly check up, Blood pressure 160/110, my weight 12st 14lbs and my blood test showing my cholesterol now becoming high.. I’m a short guy 5’4 I figured 12st 14lbs was a little heavy.. I was unhappy without really knowing it I was scared of death and my results felt like I’d been given a death sentence, i was tired of tablets they clearly was not working, the dr had no real advice when I asked what can I do I didn’t have salt or I thought I didn’t, I never smoked and im not a big drinker, I got the usual stay away from sodium and salt and look after yourself, that’s when I found your “ease the pressure juice” what did I have to lose, this led to the movie and the planning.

It rang true in the film when you mentioned being an oldish dad,, I had my daughter at 38 im now 41 I wanted to be able to run with her when she older like my dad took me, I wanted to play with her and not be so tired all the time, LETS DO IT.

September the 1st was the start date, my fiancé bless her dropped out on day two, it was a struggle with cooking the kids tea and us both juicing so she let me go solo, I however was determined, I went for walks when I felt low I kept busy when I needed some food, the first week was slow and I won’t lie very hard temptation is everywhere but I’d had my fair share of all that I’ve just gotta ride this out for 28days.

What happened after day 7 was crazy I was less bloated and people started to notice a change, I was sleeping better and waking up at 05:30 every morning with no Alarm and not feeling tired at all, I’d wake up watch the news and drink a slice of lemon in boiling water, before making my juices for the day,

Anyway I’m here now 29 days later, sat outside the gym writing this before running 10km, (yes I joined the gym on week 3 and got running again)

My results are fantastic,

My weight is 10st 9lbs from 12st 14lbs

BMI 26 from 30 My blood pressure was 112/74 this morning from 160/110 I also decided I’d half my medication on week to as my bp readings became very low so I took one pill not two, I will continue to monitor this but it’s just been so nice to have good readings for once. I had tears of joy the first time I measured my bp and good 120/80 AMAZING feeling.

My dr wouldn’t see me this soon after my yearly check up as he doesn’t believe there will be much of a change in my bloods since august so he will see my at the end of October(drs huh) so I’m hoping my cholesterol is down… I would assume it probably is.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you really. I’m so excited for what’s next I really am,

I’m still bald and still 5’4 but inside and out I feel brand new, I’ve downloaded the 5/2 app today and I’ll look forward to starting that on Monday as hopefully that’s my new way of life,

Your videos and app are fantastic and I can’t thank my fiancé and kids enough for putting up with me juicing this last 4 weeks..

I’m sorry if I’ve gone on a bit but it’s been a therapeutic journey for me and you have my the guru that’s got me over the line,

I’ve already had countless people ask how I did it and I tell them all it’s the best thing I’ve ever done “you should definitely look into it” do your research and push through it because the rewards are huge.

Thank you again you and the team behind you for pushing juicing..I’m a believer

Oh here’s the embarrassing before and after shots 🫣