Sarah Blayney


“I did the juice challenge and am delighted with the results! I lost 13lbs and feel less bloated, have more energy and importantly have the motivation to carry on! I have a long way to go but it’s been fab!”

“I suffer from Psoriasis and am on meds at the moment that I want to come off. I also have Diabetes and am on statins, blood pressure tablets etc etc! It’s mad and I hate taking all these pills. Im know loosing weight will help but it’s more about being healthier and less uncomfortable etc.”

“This challenge has kick started me and it’s been glorious to have fresh juices every day. I have loved it and will carry on. I have the 28 Day App, the Fast Food App, and the 5:2 app so just need to decide what fits and what is easy for me to keep up with.”

“Fingers crossed the psoriasis will go but it will take time I’m sure.”

“Jason, I met you at the Best You conference and bought your book there after listening to your inspirational talk. I desperately want to see the results you did and hope my psoriasis improves and my diabetes is reversed so I don’t need toxic drugs anymore!”

“Thank you for the challenge it’s been wonderful and I will keep going.”