Rachel Beanland

“I have lost 15 pounds in 7 days!”


So yesterday I completed the Jason Vale Juice Master 7 Day Juice Challenge & what a result.

I have lost 15lbs in 7 days but it’s not just about my weight, my skin feels better, I feel healthier & happier. My focus and concentration have improved and I’m sleeping better, I no longer feel the need to sit & snack on things my body doesn’t actually need and not once have I felt hungry or like I’m depriving my body of food, quite the opposite I feel like I have been feeding my body exactly what it want’s.

In return my body is thanking me for embarking on the 7-Day Juice Challenge with all the wonderful positive results I have mentioned. My Retro Juicer will be here tomorrow to continue my juicy journey and I am now trying to Super Blend so I can mix things up

Massive thanks to you Jason for sharing your knowledge in an easy way to understand, for all the support and encouragement video but most of all the delicious recipes.