Porsche Parcher

“WOW… 7/3% body fat down, I’ve lost 15.7 pounds”

I don’t even believe my eyes right now… I have never had results like these from ANY fitness programme or meal replacement shake, EVER! Six years of struggling to 28 days of PURE JUICE and letting my body heal from the years of neglecting nutrition.

Here are some of my other changes:

Love of veggies (I used to hate them). No more sweet tooth! No cravings of fatty foods. No more chest pains. No more bloating after meals. New pants are falling off. I can fit into my old Size 4. Stomach is flatter than its ever been in my life! Fixed an eye discolouration problem that doctors were baffled by. No more tinnitus. No more Fibromyalgia flares. I can walk without being exhausted. I can sit Indian style with no more inflammation. I feel SEXY in my own skin for once!! Energy for days with very little sleep. Food addiction GONE. Emotional eating GONE. Allergies reduced and virtually gone!

The list goes on! I have officially been Super Juiced!!

Thank you Jason Vale for your incredible program that has changed my life FOREVER! I will never stop juicing!