Mike Boyer

“No more cholesterol meds needed.”

I want to thank you for your dedication to getting people healthier. I have an immune disease, I also was a type 2 diabetic, 265lbs with a high blood. I was hospitalised for over a week as it was discovered my blood pressure was 240/165! along with asthma and high cholesterol (Triglycerides was 1.23 and LDL was 1.24). Well I am happy to report that since I have been doing a juice fast I have lost 55lbs and I’m no longer a type 2 diabetic.

I’m off all 4 my BP meds, now it is 123/75!!

No more cholesterol meds needed. (Triglycerides 0.57 and LDL 0.93) and I no longer require my puffer for asthma.

Thanks Mike Boyer