Louise Dalton

“My body feels lighter, invigorated!”


  • Lost 15lbs in weight
  • Insulin reduced from 40 units to 16 units per day
  • Lost 2 inches from waist and hips
  • Total cholesterol reduced from 5.9 to 4.8 mmol
  • HBA1c reduced from 17 to 63 mmol

I have now completed a 21 day Super Blend Me! plan and I am now 100% confident that I have learned the strategies to live a healthier happier and lighter life.

I found the blends quick and easy to make and extremely satisfying. As as Type 1 diabetic, I consumed to 2 daily SOS allowances when and if my blood sugar level dipped. I also occasionally munched in either a celery or carrot stick in the evening when I felt the urge to eat real food.

My Insulin decreased from 40 units per day to 16 units as my body was no longer running on false stimulants and refined carbohydrates and my sugar cravings completely disappeared.

My body feels lighter, invigorated and full of energy. Although my weight loss was achieved without doing any exercise. my confidence/self esteem has also increased by a noticeable amount and I’m now able to stand and look at myself in the mirror.

This is most definitely a lifestyle change for me as I now only crave fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I shall continue to consume blends in addition in addition . to the healthy foods I eat. I only wish this plan had been in my twenties.