Kerry finlay


Here’s a bit about my super blend me! challenge that my best friend Fiona and i did together. my mum, sister and brother in law started with us and did 10 days.

They all got good result and have incorporated blends from Super Blend Me! into their everyday diets now. We kept each other motivated using a whatsapp group. Fi and I then went on to do another 18 days. Once the first few days were done it became very easy and I can honestly say that my stomach didn’t feel hungry at all.

It’s strange feeling to not feel hungry but it really did take away any desire for anything else. It also showed that there’s more to life than wanting food or thinking about about stuff that I didn’t want to have. After a week I felt better and more alert and silly.

Almost giddy at times and I laughed a lot. After a hectic Christmas and new year where I had a resting pulse rate of 72bpm it dropped to 52bpm after two weeks. I was happy with this as when I had to have a medical appointment the doctor commented on how fit I must be! Thank fully he’s never seen me red faced due to running

So after 4 weeks I’m down 6.8kg and 3% body fat. My friend Fiona is down 9.5kg and was told by the doctor who was going through her latest blood results that she must have a very healthy diet.

We will both be using blends every day with bbb, bsm and bbm days. We have been using instagram to help motivate us as we live in different countries.@2faddyfatfriends, might have to change the name soon!