Kelvin Leitch

“you don’t want to eat that rubbish again!”

“I actually spat my tea out when I found this photo of myself taken in 2011 when I was 44 years old.”

“Obviously I was not happy how things were working out and vowed not to be fat and a burden to myself in my 50’s. I think I bumbled along in my quest to juice until there was a real clarity when I watched Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me! documentary”

“So, 7 years later and now 51 and a tad over 10st, I blend and juice every day… and eat veggie’s of course and I love yoga and long walks and sports and sunshine and taking chances and I love juicing and blending!”

“You’ve just got to find your catalyst, because once that switch has flipped you don’t want to eat that rubbish again!”