» » “Juicing has changed my life completely and forever…I’m 47 years old but feel 20 again!”*

“Juicing has changed my life completely and forever…I’m 47 years old but feel 20 again!”*

We spoke to Gilly Clarke about the incredible results she has experienced following Jason’s Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Challenge…

For years and years I had been really struggling with my weight and lifestyle–I was completely tormented and in a cycle of guilt, dread, eating, drinking and smoking. I was smoking and drinking more and more to stop myself eating, then eating to stop myself drinking and smoking. First went the cigarettes and finally I just stopped the alcohol, cold turkey. It was absolutely horrendous for the first 3 months, I felt as though I was being tortured and life wasn’t worth living. This continued for a year until I finally found your “give up drink easily” OMG, what an eye opener, I couldn’t believe it; I was free all along. I can’t thank you enough for writing this book. It gave my life back to me. So the smoking and drinking was cracked and sorted! But the weight was still piling on…

One day I was wandering around Waterstones and came across your “Super Juice Me! 28 Day Juice Challenge” I bought it and read the whole thing over the weekend and started the detox Monday morning, I followed every instruction, never used an SOS option and came out the other end a transformed woman! I lost over 40lbs and dropped from a size 20 to a size 12. I can’t express how this has changed my life completely and forever. I’m on day 22 of another 28 day detox, I know I will get to the end. This time it has been almost painless. I now exercise daily, all my loose skin is tight and firm, I’m a nice size 10 and happier than I’ve ever been in my whole life! Every single aspect of my life has changed. I’m a much better person, more relaxed, happier, a better wife, my job has improved and I just cope with everything life throws at me. My husband is delighted with his new wife and has just embarked on the first steps of a healthier lifestyle.

I just want everyone out there in the same position I was in, to know that this is truly the only way to improve your life beyond your wildest dreams. Thank you so much Jason Vale. I owe you big time!! And I wish you every success in your quest to juice the world, I’m right behind you, fighting the good fight.

Indebted to you forever.“*

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  1. Patricia Chedgzoy
    | Reply

    You have done so well Gilly, I am really struggling to loose weight and am constantly caught up in a mad cycle of bingeing and dieting. I do juice every day and would love to do the 28 day to change my life. I feel all I do is cover up my bulk, I know I’m not living. I recently went to my step daughters wedding and just felt fat and frumpy. You look brilliant by the way!!

    Many thanks Trish

    • Dawn Richards
      | Reply

      Hi Gilly well done I’ve done the 7 day juice and soup diet and I saw amazing results, unfortunately after the week I went back to normal eating!! rest you could guess. I work 12 hours shifts as a nurse so find self juicing incredible time consuming since I need to prep the day before. Seeing your amazing results and reading your story has inspired me. So I’m going to invest in me and have my juices and soups delivered for 28 days after my up coming holiday. I hoping I’ll be able to post my success story too.
      Keep the good work going and I just might be the person running past you one day soon.

  2. Mayra Carmenate
    | Reply

    Hi, Gilly, I don’t speak english, but I have Diabetes Tpe 2 And My weight is 220 Lbs, I need loss weight for my health, how mouch this book because I don’t find., thanks Mayra Carmenate

  3. Francie Holder
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing, I have started this journey, on day #2, have slight headache and feeling the need to “eat” as everyone around you does.

    • Juicy Team
      | Reply

      Hi Francie,
      The first couple of days, certainly can be a challenge and a headache is a common reaction but this will subside. It can also be difficult when those around you are still eating, but you will soon find your flow. Best Wishes for your juicy journey!

      The Juicy Team

  4. larry e center
    | Reply

    I am juicing and going to the bathroom a lot at night and during day…so much fluid? Or is something else wrong with me? Like pre-diabetes?

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