Fern Urquhart


“Four years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis and since then; other than traditional medicine, I’ve always tried to do as many things to help me cope with my symptoms including changing my diet, alternative medicines and acupuncture etc. But the thing that I’ve always known that has helped and impacted my symptoms the most is my diet.”

“My mum’s best friend introduced me to Jason Vale and generously bought me the Fusion Juicer and I was immediately hooked. I wanted to try my hardest to start reversing the side effects of the steroids and help put my disease into remission.”

“I did the seven-day detox in January and I lost 8lbs so that was definitely a huge plus! It was a huge result for me, especially because so many people say ‘you can’t lose weight on steroids’! Apart from the weight loss, my acne cleared up and is continuing to do so and overall I feel so much better about myself. My confidence and mind set have been completely transformed.”

“Since then, juicing has 100% changed my life. My confidence has grown again, my skin is clearer, my hair is softer, my eyes are brighter, I’ve lost weight but most importantly my view on food and drink has been revolutionised.”

“My life hugely revolves around juicing now, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I no longer always crave unhealthy food but I crave a cold nutritious juice! After reading Jason’s books and watching the Super Juice Me! Documentary, my knowledge on food has improved hugely and I am so much more aware of what I’m eating – of course, I sometimes stray away from a 100% healthy diet but I never go a day without a juice or two! I love it.”

“My absolute favourite is the ‘Super Juice’ recipe with lots and lots of ice and a sprinkling of chia and flax seeds! The Lemon/Ginger Zinger comes a close second. I can’t thank Jason Vale enough for changing my life.”