Amanda Casserly


My name is Amanda. I hope that one day Jason will read this email and know his impact on my life and health. I came across Jason years ago when he first started out. I was recovering from cervical cancer and a nervous breakdown at 27.

At that time my weight was 17.5 stone on inhalers and could not walk around the corner never mind looking after my 4 kids and husband at the time. Jason taught me that food can heal the body even if the doctors thought that 25 tables a day would do it.

Over the next few years and watching Jason's YouTube, I learnt it wasn't what was on the outside that mattered but what was on the inside. At the good old age of 40, the doctors told me I had Hashimoto autoimmune (underactive thyroid) what a mouth full but in short it's a hormone imbalance.

I then spent a few years on the diet train not getting very far. Now today I am 6 weeks juicing and am down 12lb, my energy levels are so high it's crazy that this week alone I was able to achieve 102.500 thousand steps.

I work at night here in Ireland with homeless people and juicing is great and really convenient,  I can grab and go. I come in from work grab my juice and go to bed. In the morning when I wake I grab my juice and go walking.

This juicing is not a 7-day or 12-week change for me, this is a lifetime change and healing for the inside mind body and soul. I have shared Jason's YouTube with so many people to help them.  I also have used Jason vale to stop smoking and his book about giving up chocolate has really helped me with my chocolate cravings too.

If Jason does get to read this email I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for all that he does to help people and hopefully on my 50th birthday next year I get to go to one of the retreats and get to thank him face to face for helping me not become a pill addict as the doctors tried. I am now a veg juicing addict , thank you Jason again big hugs from Ireland!!