Adela Slem


“I am so excited , I feel happy, my legs did not hurt after my first 2 days into the 7 Day Juice Challenge, no cramps. I had been having issues every time I worked out, leg pain, cramps. I was so worried I even went to the emergency room, they did an ultrasound and blood work, and the results were good, the Doctor could not say what was going.”

“So I went back home with no answers and muscle relaxers, the Doctor recommended not to workout for a few days. I had signed up for the 7-Day Juice Challenge because I had the feeling maybe I wasn’t eating enough fruit and vegetables as I should be. I knew juicing would do the trick and I feel happy I did it.”

“I have done the 21, 5 and now the 7-Day challenge, OMG! I love it and enjoy it every time! I needed to loose 7 pounds, I went from 125lbs back to my normal 118bs and I love love love it!”

“I am already planning my soups, protein shakes and I am back into my workout routine.”

“Thank you Jason Vale, you really lead by example, I admired your enthusiasm and energy and commitment and sense of humour.”