Juice Yourself Slim Live Healthy Without Dieting!

“His soups are just as delicious as his juices”OK! Magazine

Juice Yourself Slim Book

The book contains over 60 fantastic soups, juices, salads and smoothie recipes.

The book contains over 60 fantastic soups, juices, salads and smoothie recipes. The ‘7-day launch’ helps clean your system, help rid the body of any ‘withdrawal’ from certain ‘drug’ foods and will give you the tools and mental clarity to continue to a juice-fuelled life! Juice Yourself Slim’s simple and flexible Slim for Life stage, simply replaces two meals a day with a juice, smoothie or soup, five days a week.


“Love the juices and salads I did this after the 7lbs in 7 days diet, all together I lost 1 stone.”*


“We have been juicing according to this book, my partner lost weight 10 lbs in 7days!!”*


“The recipes are simple and the app is user friendly, both the juices and the soups on this plan are delicious and as always Jason’s short little videos are fantastic!”*
(Regular ole’ soccer mom)

Soup ‘n’ Juice Me App!

As the name suggests, this 7-Day Challenge includes beautiful piping hot soups as well as delicious freshly extracted juices, perfect for those who need a little more than a pure juice challenge.

App Includes

  • The full 7-day ‘soup ’n’ juice me! challenge
  • Includes all the juice, soup and salad recipes (with videos,text & pictures)
  • Full recipe videos by Jason
  • Full coaching videos by Jason
  • What to do after the ‘7-day challenge



“Absolutely love being able to POP IN the DVD anytime to get the recipes!.. the recipes are delicious and I especially love the soups!”*

Soup ‘n’ Juice Me! Plan DVD

15 years of diet and juicing know-how to bring you Soup ‘n’ Juice Me! The 7-Day plan with delicious soups, nutritious juices and mouthwatering salads.

DVD Includes

  • FREE wipe clean wall planner with all the delicious soups, nutritious juices & mouthwatering salads recipes covering the whole 7 days.
  • Double disc DVD
  • Coaching videos
  • Recipe videos
  • A few juicy extras

Wall Planner

Soup n Juice Me Wall Planner

Stay on track with this handy A2 wall planner! The perfect companion to the Juice Yourself Slim 7-Day Launch Programme.

Shopping List

An easy to use, no nonsense grab and go tool to aid you in completing the Juice Yourself Slim 7-Day Launch Diet with ease.