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Juice Master Super Blend

It’s equipped with five intelligent presets for creating the smoothest fruit and vegetable blends, delicious sorbets, protein-rich nut butters and nourishing hot soups.

"Switch it on, fill the jug and select the preset of your choice. Blending just got serious!”

Powerful Brushless Motor

The Juice Master Super Blend takes blending to the next level. Its state-of-the-art, high speed, brushless motor helps to reduce noise, increase efficiency and extend the life of your blender.

5 Preset Programs

The Juice Master Super Blend is equipped with 5 intelligent preset programs for the easiest blending experience. Simply switch on the machine, fill the jug as required and select the preset of your choice - it doesn’t get any easier!

Heats Soups

Not only does the Juice Master Super Blend make the finest smoothies and blends, but you can also use it to make hot soups. Simply select the ‘Hot Soup’ preset program and let the power of the motor do its thing!

Makes Ice Cream & Nut Butters

There isn’t much you can’t do in the Juice Master Super Blend, including whipping up delicious ice cream and natural sorbets and nut butters. Yummy!

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Make Use Of All Preset Settings

Equipped with 5 intelligent preset programs for the easiest blending experience.


For blends containing
softer ingredients.

Whole Veg

For blends containing hard/whole ingredients.


For making hot, hearty & nutritious soups.

Ice Cream & Sorbets

For making ice creams or
natural sorbets.

Grinding & Nut Butters

For making dressings, sauces, ground coffee & nut butters.


Use pulse to chop, stir quickly or mince at high speed.


Adds 20 seconds to your blending when using the slider.