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Ultimate Fast Food: Discover the power of Raw Juice book

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Real fast food isn't about how quickly it can get to your mouth, but how fast the body can digest it, extract the goodness and get rid of the waste. Jason Vale challenges the sort of fast foods we are all familiar with in this recipe book full of ideas for nature's ultimate fast food- raw juice.

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Packed full of fantastic juice and smoothie recipes, a complete A-Z of fruit & veg, how to choose the best, fresh produce as well as a how-to guide to creating your own juicy kitchen and more importantly mental inspiration to help you not only begin your journey into a healthier and juicer lifestyle, but maintain it as well. One thing’s for sure; you will never look at ‘fast food’ the same way again.

What’s Included:

It’s Easy to Stop Drinking.
Why Do People Drink Alcohol?
Lose Your Bottle and Gain Your Courage!
And so much more!

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6 reviews for Ultimate Fast Food: Discover the power of Raw Juice book

  1. 5 out of 5

    I read this book cover to cover in just two sittings! Its in Jason's style and that makes it a fun easy read. Plenty of inspiration and recipes to try out. Thanks 🙂

  2. 5 out of 5

    I cannot recommend the Jason Vale books highly enough. He has revolutionised my life and I feel 100% fitter, healthier and more energised. I have changed my diet, lost weight and will never look back.

  3. 5 out of 5

    First of all I'd like to say I'm a nutrition student in my final year so this book would be what I'd consider very non sciency but it makes up for that in clear information that is inspiring and really puts you in the right frame of mind to juice and for those of us who went through juicing/smoothie making spurts before but inevitably stopped, it explains how to keep it going.

    The main reasons people stop juicing other than CBA syndrome(Cant be arsed)is they don't like the juice they make, there juicer takes ages to clean or they packed it away in a cupboard and forgotten about it. So know your demons and read this book to make smoothie making a regular part of your diet. Im 3 weeks smoothie making 5 or more days a week and I can thank Jason Vale for that.

    What I like about Jason Vales book in contrast to other juicing books is that Jason Vale is walking his talk and as a result knows what works well in smoothies and what works well in juicing. Its all fine and dandy to drink juices with the healthiest combinations but if you are gagging while drinking it you will lose interest so if you have time to read the book first its an enjoyable read which puts you in the right place to get going and keep going.

    The book isn't in colour and has no picture recipes and also isn't spiral bound like another juice book which is handy to keep the page open on the table. Those are the downsides but they are far outweighed by the upsides.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Hi I have recently just finished both the 7lbs in 7days programme and followed the principles in the turbo charge book for the remaining 14 days of the 'phases'. I feel great and for the last few days have continued to have a juice in the morning and a lunch/dinner based on the recipes in the turbo charge book. I would now like some more advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain 'slim' but don't know whether to invest in the 'slim for life' book or the 'ultimate fast food book'! I have the 'keeping it simple' book so have lots of juice recipes in total to keep me going with juicing so that's putting me off the 'ultimate fast food book', and I don't want to do another 7 day programme as I haven't long done the juice only one, so that's putting me off buying the 'slim for life' book as i understand it contains a 'launch' programme. Could I have some advice on which would be best for what I am looking for? Thanks, Rebecca

    JUICEMASTER TEAM REPLY: I would definitely suggest the Slim for Life. This will automatically change your approach to your eating style and your body activity. Good Luck!

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