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Bellicon Premium Rebounder Extra Strong [Discontinued]

Medical grade aluminium 90 to 150kg

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The Bellicon Premium Rebounder is without a doubt the best rebounder on the market.

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The Bellicon Premium Rebounder has been called ‘The Porsche of Rebounding’ and we at Juice Master believe it is truly the best rebounder on the planet. It’s built to high quality standards in Germany ensuring an outstanding finished product and a real focus on detail.


  • Antiseptic, which makes it especially suited to use in hospitals and clinics.
  • The legs and the frame on the bellicon® Premium gives it a firm stance second to none.
  • Delivered to your home fully assembled.
  • Has folding legs for easy storage (under a bed for example).
  • Gentle to the back and body as a whole.
  • Medically proven to be one of the best forms of exercise because of its low impact on the body.
  • The Bellicon’s bungee rope springs produce an incredibly soft and dynamic bounce.
  • Weight limit: 150kg.
  • Dimensions: diameter of 112cm and a height of 36cm.



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