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Bellicon Classic Rebounder 112cm/44in

Medium (Up to 90kg)

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Jump up to a new level of fitness with the Bellicon Classic Rebounder! This Medium Strength edition comes with screw legs for easy storage.

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The medium strength Bellicon rebounder bungee provides a beautiful soft, deeper, bounce for those looking for a slower, more gentle bounce. Ideal for rehabilitation or gentle bouncing.

The Medium strength Bellicon rebounder bungee is not suitable for intense workouts, for more intensive versions click here.

Please note if you are looking for the Bellicon rebounder we use in our mini rebounding classes at our Juicy Oasis retreat, then we use the ‘Ultra Strong’ bungee version.


Benefits Of Rebounding:

  • Gentle to the back and body as a whole.
  • Medically proven to be one of the best forms of exercise because of its low impact on the body.
  • Rebounding exercises every muscle in your body – just like swimming.
  • Cardio vascular training without skeletal shock
  • Helps with lymphatic drainage


Rebounder Specifications:

  • Screw legs for easy storage (under a bed for example)
  • The Bellicon Classic Rebounder bungee rope springs produce an incredibly soft and dynamic bounce.
  • Diameter: 112cm (44in)
  • Height: 36cm (14in)
  • Weight limit: 90kg (Light Bounce), 60kg (Intensive Training), ‘For Power Training’ we recommend a stronger model.


About Bellicon Rebounders

The Bellicon Classic Rebounder is part of the Bellicon family of supreme quality, German-made rebounders for the 21st century. The patented ‘soft as a cloud’ rubber loop spring construction takes comfort to the next level while retaining the dynamic properties that make exercise on a mini trampoline so enjoyable and efficient.

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