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28-Day Resource Pack

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This pack contains all the information and supplements you need to embark on the ’28-day Super Juice Me!’ plan

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Before you begin, we highly recommend you watch the documentary to inspire you to complete the plan.

Juice Master 28-Day Resource Pack Includes:

  • 1x Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan Book
  • 1x Super Juice Me! The Big Juice Experiment Documentary DVD
  • 1x Juice Master’s Spirulina Powder 50g.
  • 1x Juice Master’s Powergreens 50g.
  • 1x Juice Master’s Bacteria Cultures (60 caps).
  • 1x Kiki Health’s Organic Hemp Protein Powder 400g
  • 2x Juice in a Bar – Veggie Boost
  • 2x Juice in a Bar – Berry Boost

The book contains vital information and motivation to keep you on track and the the ‘Juice Plan’ dvd contains over 6 hours of video footage from Jason to keep you inspired and teach you how to make the beautiful recipes. The high quality, vegetarian supplements will ensure you are getting maximum nutrition whilst embarking on the 28-day juice only programme. And finally the handy wall planner and shopping list make the plan incredibly easy to shop for and to follow. What’s more, we have even included a few ‘SOS’ bars for times of emergency!

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