Luxury Lifestyle Magazine (May 2017)

As a freelancer, you have to value your health on a cost-benefit basis. When I wake up feeling sluggish, exhausted and under-the-weather, I can’t just send an email saying sorry I won’t be in for the day, I’m ill. Instead I stay put for about two or three minutes and consider the benefit of remaining in bed to recuperate. Just before deciding to pick up the phone and call in sick, I remind myself that work means money, and no work means no money. For the past few months, I have been pushing myself to get through the day, pushing my health to the limits. In life we see luxury as a tangible commodity based on what new gadget, product or holiday we can throw our money at. I must point out here that I am in no way complaining about our capitalist culture and consumerism, but I think that we should be prepared to dig into our pockets more often in order to look after our health…


Luxury Lifestyle Magazine