Privacy Policy is a division of Juice Master Ltd.

This Privacy Notice details the types of personal data we may collect about you when you interact with us. It also explains how we will store and handle that data and keep it secure. The information in this policy specifically references data collected by unless specified.

We have created a comprehensive privacy policy in order to be open and transparent about how Juice Master Ltd uses your data. If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, then please do get in touch.

On occasion Juice Master Ltd may need to amend the privacy policy however we will inform you where possible of any major changes to our policies.

About Juice Master Ltd

Juice Master Ltd. comprises of a number of divisions including,,,, When referencing ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’ we mean Juice Master Ltd.

Legal Basis

There are a number of situations where we may keep a record of your information with legal basis as set out by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).


In some situations where you have given clear consent for us to process your personal data for a specific purpose. This may for instance be to provide you with marketing material or to improve your customer experience.


The processing of your data is necessary for a contract you have with the us, or because you have asked us to take specific steps before entering into a contract.

Legal Obligation

The processing is necessary for us to comply with the law (not including contractual obligations).

Vital Interests

The processing is necessary to protect someone’s life.

Public task

The processing is necessary for you to perform a task in the public interest or for our official functions, and the task or function has a clear basis in law.

Legitimate Interests

The processing is necessary for our legitimate interests or the legitimate interests of a third party unless there is a good reason to protect the individual’s personal data which overrides those legitimate interests.

When and Why Do We Collect Your Data?

There are a few ways that we will collect information about you:

When browsing our websites

We use Google Analytics on all of our websites. This allows us to see how users interact with content which means that we can optimise your experience and provide new content that is interesting to our visitors.

This data is also used to inform our Google Retargeting and Google Adwords services. This may be to show which adverts have resulted in a sale, which items were purchased and if you have opted in previously to Googles services it may also tell us a little about your personal demographics.

We retain this individual visitor data for up to 36-Months before it is automatically removed from our Google Analytics account.

We also utilise cookies on our websites. This is applied to your browser and allows us to see when you return to the website along with additional information such as the order of pages visited, and time spent on certain pages. For more information on Google’s Cookies click here.

The data collected through Google Analytics and AdWords may also be shared with Google LLC as part of account management.

You can opt out from Google tracking here.

To give you time to consider your purchase and to ensure that you hadn’t experienced any issues when browsing our websites we may also send out follow up emails. This should also include the items that you have added to your basket. This will only be sent out if you fill in your email address at checkout or are logged into your account. These emails are separate from our mailing list but still allow you the option to stop future follow-up emails.

Signup Forms

We make every effort to make the signup forms throughout our websites as clear as possible. To allow us to give away free content we run a number of lists throughout the company. These require users to unsubscribe individually however by signing up for free content you also agree to joining our main mailing list.

Our lists include:

  • Juice Master
  • Juice Master Delivered
  • Juice Master Retreats

Plus, the following lists which will be moved to the main list once the Free content has been sent out (unless you have stated otherwise or unless you’ve previously unsubscribed from the main list):

  • Big Juice Challenge
  • Running on Juice Guide
  • Super Juice Me! Free to View
  • Clear Skin Guide
  • Free Recipe Download

Your mail preferences can be changed at any time as we will send you a confirmation email of your successful signup.

Email Opens, Clicks and Purchases

We use Mailchimp to send out emails to our mailing lists. Mailchimp records both the open rates and clicks by an individual. This allows us to maintain our list and remove users who appear to no longer be interested in the services provided by Juice Master. We also track the sales that come through email marketing. This is linked to any additional information that you have provided previously along with your email address.


We record your details whenever you place an order. This includes your Name, Address, Products, Delivery Information and Payment Information (but not your card details).

We use the above to aid with warranty enquiries and to keep your information for up to 6 years. This is required by UK Law for VAT purposes. And whilst we can remove certain information by request your order itself cannot be amended.


We may from time to time run competitions. The data collected will be outlined by the terms of the competition. Please ensure you read these thoroughly before entering any competition as they may also be run in conjunction with one of our partners therefor the data may be shared with external sources for processing. We will not add you to any mailing list unless you have specified. Once the competition is over and the winner has been drawn we will in most cases remove all of your details from our system. The exception may be where testimonials have been submitted and you have given permission for us to use these in our marketing material.

Special Events

During Seminars, talks or other special events we may require your details for administration of tickets. These will be subject to their own Privacy Policies but will also comply to the legal basis outlined by the ICO.


We may get in touch with you to request feedback on products or services provided. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time however we do appreciate if you could take the time to let us know how your experience was with Juice Master.

Contact Forms, Emails and Phone Calls

When contacting Juice Master Ltd through a website form, by email or by phone we will not record your details unless specified. We may record or monitor call times however these will remain anonymous. If you have requested a callback we will use your details for this purpose, then will remove your details from our systems.

Order Fulfilment

If you have purchased a physical item then we will share basic information about your package along with your name and address to our shipping providers (such as DPD or Royal Mail), we also use 3rd party shipping software such a ShipTheory. All orders placed on are fulfilled by Kiki Health Ltd. Kiki Health Ltd. have access to the required customer information in order to process orders and refunds. We ensure these companies adhere to strict privacy agreements and your data will never be used by these companies for marketing purposes. As part of the arrangement with Juice Master, these companies may run their own 3rd party software to process orders however we require that all of our partners treat customers data to the same high standard as Juice Master Ltd.

If making a purchase from Juice Master Ltd. your data may be stored on our omnichannel retail management system – Brightpearl. Brightpearl may from time to time access our data to provide support.

Our 3rd party partners will:

  • Only receive the information required to complete the service they provide.
  • Will adhere to the privacy policies as outlined in their contract with Juice Master Ltd.
  • Will delete or render your data anonymous once our contract has been terminated.

Payment Providers

Juice Master Ltd. currently use either SagePay or PayPal to process payments. Your data is sent to these companies for processing through secure gateways. We do not have any access to your unencrypted payment details at any time.

When placing an order on the phone your details are typed directly into the gateway from our secure network. Your information will never be used for marketing purposes by these or any other company unless you have specifically requested to receive material from them.

Account Data

When opening an account with us online, your data is stored on that websites server. It is possible for our website administrators to see all of the data added to your account (with the exception of passwords) however these employee’s must all strictly adhere to Juice Master LTDs privacy policies.

Testimonials & Images

With permission we may from time to time collect and store testimonials, these may include images, text or video content. These testimonials are stored securely through 3rd party services such as Jotform, Dropbox or Google Docs, via email, on the hosted server of the website it was submitted to or on our company’s internal secure network. Access to this information is limited to relevant individuals within the company and permission to use these testimonials can be revoked by the individual by emailing

We may use testimonials on our website, via social media, YouTube and for both digital and printed marketing material. Whilst we can remove a testimonial from our database, we may be unable to recall existing marketing material. In this situation, although permission has been released to us, we will ensure that we do as much as we can to prevent further use and remove any existing material.

Ensuring Your Data is Secure

Your data security is incredibly important to us. We frequently run Privacy Policy audits to ensure that all areas of Juice Master (including 3rd parties) are adhering to the policies outlined.

We secure access to all transactional areas of our websites using ‘https’ technology.

Access to your personal data is limited to certain employees and 3rd parties, this data is password-protected and secured by SSL encryption.
We regularly monitor our system for possible vulnerabilities and attacks.

Data Requests

You may request a copy of the data that we hold on you. To find out more about your rights to data access click here.

You may withdraw consent for us to use your data for marketing purposes at any time either by emailing or by clicking the unsubscribe button on a recent email from us.

Contacting The Regulator

If you do not feel satisfied by the information provided by Juice Master Ltd. we would strongly recommend that you get in touch with us by emailing or by calling us on 0345 130 28 29. If you are still unsatisfied you can find out how to get in touch with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) here.