3-Day Juice Diet

A programme designed to help you cleanse your body and mind in only 3 days.

In 3 days I lost 5lbs and 1.5 inches off my stomach, I no longer feel bloated & my 3 week cold has finally gone! Great app which is easy to follow - I loved the shopping list and the daily videos.


This book is so easy to follow and the recipes that we have tried are yummy. We did the 3 day detox and plan to do it again. We have continued to juice!! Great ideas!


What an amazing book! Did the 3 day detox and lost the 5lbs I'd been struggling with for weeks and the juices were filling and delicious! Boyfriend did a prepackaged frozen juice diet at same time but couldn't stick to it because it tasted so acidic and he was starving after a day. I feel energised, light, my skin is glowing and my muffin top has gone! All hail the juice master!!

Ash Harrison

The 3-Day Juice Diet App

Based on the Keeping It Simple Book

Based on the Keeping It Simple book, this programme is designed to help you cleanse your body in just 3 days. This plan will help you clean your system, rid yourself of physical addictions and give you extra energy. Featuring all the recipes taken from the 3-Day plan, this app makes for the perfect 'Quick Fix'.

What's Included:

  • All Recipes Taken From The 3-Day Juice Diet
  • Coaching Videos
  • Downloadable Shopping List
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3-Day Juice & Smoothie Diet

Keeping it Simple is perfect if you want to slim down, get healthy or just need a little juice-boost.

Jason has compiled his definitive selection of over 100 simple but delicious, juice and smoothie recipes. Keeping it Simple includes Jason’s motivational tips and unique 3-Day Juice Diet. Download the FREE 3-Day Diet Shopping List.

What's Included:

  • Jason Vale's 3-Day Juice Diet
  • Complete 3-Day Diet Shopping list - Click Here to download
  • Kids' stuff - how to get your kids to drink fruit and vegetables and love them!
  • The Juice Master's Natural Pharmacy - Juices for all common ailments
  • Over 100 delicious juice and smoothie recipes
  • Complete A-Z of Fruits & Vegetables

Juice Master Delivered

No Shopping, No Juicing, No Cleaning, No Hassle!

13 delicious juices over 3 days. This diet is based on Jason’s 3-Day Diet from the ‘Keeping It Simple’ book. A great juice diet if this is your first time juicing or when time is limited, and you need a quick refresh. Particularly great before a special event – this is bound to have your skin glowing!

What's Included:

  • 13 Juices
  • FREE Funky Fresh Juice Book*
  • FREE Copy of Jason's Juiced! Magazine*

* With your first order only