You Have Completed The Big January Juice Challenge.

If you're one of the thousands of people who took part in this year's Big January Juice Challengea huge congratulations on completing seven days! It's been such a great week, with some truly incredible achievements.

We can't wait to hear your results, so get posting on Jason's Facebook and Instagram pages. Who knows, you might even end up featuring in the results video Jason will be shooting over the coming days.

If you opted for a 10, 14, 21 or even 28-day plan, we wish you all the best on your juicy journey and don't forget to send your results at the end (email:

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If you didn't join the Big January Juice Challenge this time around. Don't forget; you can follow one of Jason's plans anytime with the help of his easy-to-use and super convenient apps. From a cheeky 3-dayer right through to a life-changing 28 days, there's a plan for everyone.

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I DID the 7-day diet!

"Recently my health has really suffered after covid-19. I had some blood tests and discovered I was also suffering from gout.  I have just completed the 7lbs in 7-day challenge and have lost 9lbs! The pain in my fingers and toes is so much better.  Thanks Jason and your team!"

Elizabeth Webster

I DID the 5-day diet!

"I Started the 5lbs in 5 days plan on the 1January, I lost 5 lbs in the first week. I went on to do the 7-day plan and followed on with the healthy eating principles from the Turbo Charge your life book and have now lost 2 stone in total!"

Nicki Spicer

I DID the 28-day diet!

"My name is Ann, I’m 60 years old and suffer with arthritis. After a challenging year emotionally, I started to slip into some bad eating habits. I decided to take on the 28-day Super Juice Me! Challenge. I lost 7 kilos, and my cholesterol is back to normal. I have noticed considerably less pain in my body and can move much move easily!"

Ann Taylor

I DID the Juice & BLend diet!

"I have just completed the 7-day Juice & Blend plan. I found it really easy over the week and a little harder of the weekend but have lost 11lbs in total! My skin is now smooth and clear. My next goal Is to start exercising. I now have all the Jason Vale plans so there is no stopping me. Thanks Jason!"

Lola Hutcheson

I DID the Super Blend Me! diet

"I decided to to start the Super Blend Me! Plan for 7 days and OMG!!  I lost over 10lbs in just 1 week.  I didn’t ever think that would be possible for a women my height to loose that much in 1 week.  I’m now only 3lbs away from my goal weight. Thanks Jason!"

Vanessa Del Rio

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