Juice Master Stop Smoking in 2 Hours app

Juice Master Stop Smoking in 2 Hours app

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Jason Vale’s 15 years of knowledge and experience within the field of addiction psychology has been condensed into an easy way to stop you smoking forever, and in only 2 hours.

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Stop Sxmoking in 2 Hours...easily!

Jason Vale Stop Smoking in 2 hours

"The average smoker will now spend over £70,000 in their lifetime on cigarettes. Having smoked between 40 - 60 cigarettes a day, I am fully aware of the nightmare of being in what can only be described as 'The Nicotine Trap'. I am also fully aware that at this stage you are in two minds. Yes you want to stop smoking, as all smokers in reality do, but you also want to smoke. This sounds like a contradiction, yet it's what all smokers feel. At this stage you simply cannot imagine your life without cigarettes/cigar or whatever nicotine delivery device you have chosen.

This app can completely free your mind of the desire to smoke, which in turn removes the need for willpower. It is worth knowing that a recent study conducted by researchers at Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the University of Massachusetts in the United States, showed that nicotine replacement therapy such as gums and patches are no better than willpower alone, despite their claims over the past 20 years to the contrary. The good news is there is another way, one which doesn't involve drugs or needles, but rather concentrating on explaining the nature of trap you are in and then showing you a simple way out. I sincerely hope you use the app the way it is intended and that you rid yourself of the slavery to nicotine" 

- Jason Vale


"Thank you for all the help you gave me. I'm still not smoking" - John Bird (Founder of the Big Issue)

"I cannot believe it. Six weeks without a cigarette.... I've tried every method available to stop, but had no willpower. I do not really understand how your method works, but all I can say is thank you thank you I really am a non-smoker" - Ms R Cox

"I am truely amazed! The absolute simplicity of the programme makes it the only way to kick the habit" - Ms R Spooner

"Just a quick note to ask you to add my name to the smoke free list... done a week now without any problems - not even whe my car got broken into! All my friends are amazed - thanks A LOT!" - Mrs M Arvidsson

"I know that this is the best decision I have ever made, and I feel great having made it. This feels amazing, very simple and LIBERATING - thank you" - Ms D Lewis

Want to free yourself of all addictions?

Try Jason's book Kick The Drink...Easily to help you free yourself from alcohol, or if you are a bit of a chocolate addict then you should try The Simple Way to Stop Eating Chocolate. If you're worried about gaining weight when you give up smoking then you should read Jason's book Slim For Life: Freedom From the Food Trap.

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