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 7lbs in 7 days: Super Juice Diet DVD

7lbs in 7 days: Super Juice Diet DVD

Product Review (submitted on 3 December 2011):

Jason is a great motivator and this DVD is excellent if you are new and looking for a "diet" to get somoe weight off, his motivation to chhange your eating habits and lifestyle with the juices is fantastic but....... if like me you were already movtivated and want to know how to change and how to do the Juicing I personnally found Jason too "Over The Top" in the motivation and lifestyle change start to the DVD and it actually ended up demotiovating me as I was not expecting such a lengthy "boring bit" before we got to thhe helpful part which I then found hard to continue watching the rest of the 2 1/2hours of DVD. So just work out where you are and be prepared if you have a busy lifestyle and struggle to pay attention if you are not hearing the information you are expecting/wanting. I found myself thinking "Yes Jason I want to change you don't need to convince me to just tell me how" When we got there he was excellent so please buy it and watch it but be ready to be mind batterred first on changing your lifestyle!

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