Juice Master's Rebounding (DVD)

Juice Master's Rebounding (DVD)
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  1. Love it! Review by Healing Helper

    I've been rebounding since 2005, I absolutely love it! I've tried other videos, but ultimately prefer my own music, which doesn't always groove with the choreography. This video is the bomb! I've been using it for over a month now and the endorphins continue build. I usually do the Easy Bounce first thing in the morning because there is more stretching and opening. I use the Medium Bounce in the afternoon or evening to discharge energy or I do the Easy Bounce followed by Medium Bounce for an extended workout. High Bounce is a high energy charge that challenges me in the perfect way. I recommend this video to all levels. Enjoy! (Posted on 12/12/2014)

  2. Fabulous Review by Jo Jo

    So, I've just finished the easy bounce. I loved it. Excellent for beginners, which I defiantly am. I would have love to have gone into the next level, but took peoples advice and will build myself up to it. I'm going too get up earlier in the morning and wake myself up in a good way rather than with a coffee. Time for a change! Id really recommend this dvd!! (Posted on 10/12/2013)

  3. Great Motivation! Feels like a Friend in your living room! Review by Dana M.

    I recently bought this DVD and I love having it because it feels like I have a friend in the Living room motivating me to Exercise! I think it gives me a Jump start to have a Guided workout template to exercise to, rather than trying to do it all alone! I do this every morning and take the wekends off! I have been Juicing as well! :o) I'm hoping to lose some stomach weight and get my arms in shape for Summer! (Posted on 10/06/2013)

  4. Lots of Fun and Great Workout!!! Review by TianaStar

    So, i don't like many workout DVD's. They seem to always promise so much, and deliver so little, or have crazy routines- not to mention scantily class women! EW!
    Anyway- Jason Vale's DVD is one of my favorite ever!!! SO fun! And he's wearing normal workout clothes ( a t-shirt and cargo shorts) bouncing away in the hills of Turkey (that sure do look a lot like the Hollywood Hills). Anyway, I have done the workout a couple times and am new to fitness jumping. I just love the DVD and have been recommending it to everyone on my health blog, tianastarhealthblog.tumblr.com. I also bought the 1lb hand gloves and those are awesome as well! Everything arrived within a few days of ordering in perfect condition. 5 stars!!! HEY- 7 stars!!! :) (Posted on 17/08/2012)

  5. Efficient Review by Pamela

    I'm impressed the DVD arrived in two days the week of Christmas- excelllent service! I have a huge collection of rebounding DVDs that I rotate. I'd already written my schedule for the month of Janurary, but after doing this DVD, I got out my stickers to place the sixty minutes in rotation twice a week and the beginner segment most mornings. I rebound twice a day and try to get in a little more in the evening. The twenty minute segments make it easy to plan a busy day. I also would suggest this DVD to introduce beginners as it is quite informative.

    I've been rebounding since June. I'm 56 years old and have lost 26 pounds this year!

    Pamela (Posted on 23/12/2011)

  6. Motivational way to get moving! Review by Catherine Ayres

    I can't recommend this DVD highly enough. I have just started exercising again - after a period of rather giving up on the world. Jason has helped me get up and moving (the most important thing is just to get moving!). As it is split into different levels of work outs, it is helping me on my journey to a healthier me xx (Posted on 02/08/2011)

  7. Terrific! Review by leah

    This is a brilliant instructional DVD which will really help you to get the most out of your rebounder. Jason shows you moves which really get your heart pumping and after doing the twist bounce my calves were really feeling the burn! Have done the Easy Bounce and the Medium Bounce and when I got up this morning my 12 year old son was doing the Hard Bounce - he was sweating loads but really enjoyed it. I did the Medium Bounce this morning and following that I didnt crave my usual morning coffee but instead opted for a green tea! I feel invigorated and motivated, ready to start my day. Fantastic. (Posted on 22/04/2011)

  8. Great fun! Review by Pam

    I bought this to help me get to grips with my new rebounder, and it has done exactly that :-) He's so good at instructing and making everything easy to follow - while adding touches of humour and the right amounts of safety advice etc. I've only done the beginners level so far but even that gives you a good workout. Definitely recommend!!! (Posted on 10/04/2011)

  9. Loving it.....surprisingly! Review by Sylvia

    I got a copy of this DVD when I ordered the Bellicon Swing. I must say I do enjoy doing the rebounding in 20 mins bursts - easy, medium and high. I've been very dutifully getting up early and doing at least the easy bounce 20 min programme every morning and sometimes I'm able to do the 20 mins medium bounce too depending on when I have to be in work by. The easy bounce 20 mins gets my heart pumping but is not very strenuous and I definitely feel better for having got up 20 mins earlier than normal.

    The medium bounce builds on the heart pumping from the easy bounce and it's a great workout! I enjoy going to work having already done 20/40 mins of a workout. This morning I got up very enthusiastically and said I was going to do an hour - easy, medium and high - of rebounding. I can tell you the high bounce is definitely that - high bounce and high energy! It nearly killed me though I am sensible and give everything a try but if I can't do it or can but can't keep up with Jason I do it at my own pace and will hopefully build my stamina and speed over time!

    I haven't even watched never mind attempted the circuit blast yet!! Might have a look at that first to see what I'm getting myself in to!

    All in all I am enjoying Jason's enthusiasm and his directions on the dvd and would definitely recommend it to anyone. (Posted on 09/04/2011)

  10. Brilliant DVD Review by Annette

    Very enthusiastic DVD. Makes rebounding a lot of fun! Quick delivery. Thanks (Posted on 28/02/2011)

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