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Jason personally runs betwen 3 - 5 detox weeks himself per year and gives daily addiction and psychology sessions as well as being around for most of the day to go running with or to jump on a mini trampoline with. Along with Jason you will find the juicy team below running our retreats. Of course not everyone is there all at the same time and we cannot guarantee who will be there on any particular week.

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  • Nina Chauhan (Events Manager)

    Nina will be your first point of contact for any enquiries about the Retreats. She looks after the bookings and administers all room plans, transfer schedules and dietary requirements. Friendly Nina is just a call or email away to give advice on which weeks are best suited for clients. She will help with sourcing flights and creates a sense of ease when processing all bookings (includes looking after payment plans).

  • Kate Beswick (Retreat Manager)

    Kate has been running the '7lbs in 7 days' detox weeks for the last 5 years and the mountain has become her second home. Kate's aim is to make the week as fun and enjoyable as possible and she will try and gently 'persuade' you to join in with all that the week has to offer. Kate's loves living a juicy lifestyle and she is very welcoming and understanding and will genuinely make your experience one not to forget.

  • Ken Ryan (The Yoga "Mister")

    Ken Ryan is one of our magical Yoga Teacher's and he is without question one of, if not the most spiritually uplifting Yoga, Meditation and Tai-Chi instructor on the planet. He will be taking sessions on Mediation, Tai-Chi and Yoga during his weeks as well as delivering some very special 'Kenny Magic!"

  • Steve Mugnier (Yoga Guru)

    Steve is an exceptional Yoga Teacher and we are blessed to have him join our juicy team. He believes that movement is key to health and that juicing is the perfect companion to yoga. Steve has travelled the world to learn some of the Ancient healing modalities and looks forward to passing on that information through his unique and energetic styles of Yoga. Steve will also deliver daily meditation and relaxation classes for you to indulge in.

  • Becky Lennox (Retreat Manager)

    Becky has been managing the Montenegro retreat over the past three years and has seen a remarkable transformation in the wellbeing of many juicy guests during their "7 lbs in 7 days" week.  She is passionate about the importance of a healthy balance in life with a holistic approach and believes strongly in looking after both body and mind.  As a qualified  Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Digestive Health Consultant, Becky enjoys supporting guests in reaching their goals in health, nutrition and  fitness.

  • Amy Beswick (Retreat Manager)


    Amy is also one of our excellent Retreat Managers and her go-get-it attitude will certainly keep you motivated. Amy shares Jason's passion in health and nutrition and, as a dedicated snowboarder herself, is keen to promote health and fitness. Amy is a fantastic asset to the Juice Master Retreat Team.

  • Manjula Cote (Yoga & Meditation)

    Manjula Coté is one of a team of yoga and meditation teachers on the Juice Master retreats, who brings both wisdom and a sense of fun to the classes. She trained in yoga, meditation and pranayama at the Integral Yoga ashrams in America and Portugal and is a qualified Qi Gong instructor, Nutritional Therapist and Zest4Life Coach.  She is passionate about motivating and guiding others along a path to health and happiness and the retreats are the perfect place to start this journey.  The sunsets from the yoga platform are truly inspirational and become a cherished memory for all who experience them. 

  • Max Martin (Trainer/Fitness Instructor)

    Max is a Personal Trainer and Exercise Therapist, who has worked with the RAF for over 20 years. Her Circuit Training and body conditioning classes are ledgendary and she is guaranteed to make you sweat!  Max's plays netball for the RAF at national level and is a phenomenal teacher, she is gentle and understanding but if you are capable she will push you to acheive your potential.

  • Kyhme France (Trainer/Fitness Instructor)

    Khyme is also a die hard Fitness Instructor who works with Max in the RAF. In 2011 Khyme completed the 'Iron Man' and was one of the most successful female competitors. Kyme is approachable, energetic and fun and has a healthy addiction to keeping fit.  She will encourage and motivate even the most apprehensive people into doing some exercise and getting some great results.

  • Natalie Hawker (Fitness Instructor)

    Natalie’s main passion in life (after juice!) is movement. She feels blessed to be able to use movement as a tool to help people tap into an inner vitality and joy. Her classes are sure to fuse her love of dance, yoga, and pilates for a holistic and dynamic training experience. Be prepared to move in a mindful way that connects the body, breath and mind.  Now is the time to embrace and untapped your inner potential!

  • Sally Wilkinson (Fitness Instructor)

    Sally is a 42 year old mother of 3, who has been juicing for over 3 years and is 'loving it'! Sally is a qualified fitness instructor as well as nordic walking instructor. Sally played rugby for 16 years at regional level and has been on her own personal journey to reach her current state of health and fitness. In 2011 Sally embarked on a marathon spinning session, taking classes back to back for 24 hours!!! She does not believe in 'can't' and firmly belives you can always do more than you think you are capable of - Life is for living!

  • Mehmet (Driver)

    Mehmet is our main transfer driver at the retreat and is one of the friendliest faces you'll meet when you arrive at the airport. He knows the basics of English but he really cares about all of the Juice Master guests, and looks very fetching in a Juice Master tshirt!

  • (Juice Maker)

    Cemillia is responsible for making every single juice during your retreat week and she has become quite a juicing expert! Cemillia speaks good English and is always happy to help with anything she can.

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