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1 August 2011 Jason in Love it Magazine

Jordans gone fruity!

Katie Price loves a good squeeze, but this time its not some hot latino on her mind. She's turned her thoughts to juicing. In this issue of Love It, Katie Price explains how she is into juicing and what differant it makes to her skin, eyes and hair.

Shes talks about how Jason has helped her in the past with his 6 week juice plan. Now shes been using juices to supplement the foods she normally eats as a health boost.

Katie says "So, making a decent combination of juiced raw fruit and vegetables for you and your kids is what I think everyone should aspire to do"

She first tried the nutrition plan in 2005 after giving birth to son Junior. She wanted to drop 2 stone fast before her wedding to then fiance Peter Andre and loves her juicer.

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