Fundraising for the London Marathon

16 February 2011 Fundraising for the London Marathon

Juice Master, Jason Vale is running in this years Virgin London Marathon on Saturday 19th April 2011 and is raising money for 2 great UK Charities, Cancer Research UK and Yes to Life.

Jason set himself a personal target of raising £2000 for Cancer Research UK and already smashed that by reaching £ 2,326.20.

Jason commented, "I'm over the moon so many people have donated so far, and we've easily raised the £2K I wanted to raise for Cancer Research UK. A big juicy hug goes out to everyone that has donated so far." 

Jason now has a new target and wants to raise £3000 for a unique Cancer Charity Yes to Life. Jason is particularly pleased to be working with Yes to Life as they directly fund cancer patients wishing to pursue alternative and complimentary therapies from a holistic, health-driven approach. 

"Yes to Life share a similar passion to me in helping individuals get both mentally and physically 'JUICED' on life. By this I mean providing an environment where the body is aided in its own healing, supplying it with the finest nutrients rich foods, supplements and superfoods, and trying out pioneering alternative treatments that can significantly improve the lives of people with cancer. I'm behind them all the way and I wholeheartedly endorse their empowering approach to cancer treatment."

For the London Marathon, Jason is raising money for a particular benefactor of Yes to Life, 27 year old Tami Brown. Tami has been battling with cancer for 7 years and despite the conventional medical approach keeping her alive till now, since the Cancer has spread to her lungs, she has been forced to consider alternative options.

Tami is fundraising to afford a range of treatments that could dramatically improve her condition and quality of life including The Megadose Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy featured on the awesome Food Matters DVD. Tami has recently become a huge juice advocate and is drinking regular vegetable juices as part of her treatment. Read more of Tami's story on Yes to Life's website here.


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