Juice Therapist climbs Kilimanjiro on Juice in a Bar

20 December 2010 Juice Therapist climbs Kilimanjiro on Juice in a Bar

One of Juice Master's first juice therapists to qualify, Lesley Hawker, has just climbed to the summit of Mt Kilimanjiro and with the aid of Juice Master's Juice in a Bar.

Lesley, from West Sussex, became a Juice Therapist this year, after going through an aggressive bout of cancer a few years ago. 

"it was a rare, aggressive form of bladder cancer and the large tumour ( cricket -ball sized) in true “alien -style” had grown through my bladder wall and infected my surrounding organs."

she continued, "However I believe I owe my current good health and continued suvival to my daughter Natalie and Jason Vale who between them convinced me that juicing is not just a means to produce a very pleasant health drink but a serious and effective tool in the fight against disease including cancer"

Having just come back from Mount Kilimanjiro in Africa, Lesley was exceptionally pleased with her results "It was a much harder challenge than I was anticipating and in fact out of 32 people in the group only 12 of us made it and only 4 women of which I was one! The weather was really extreme and we had to climb the final 1100 metres in snow with temperatures dropping to -25c with the wind chill. Our water froze and sadly many people had to give up for various reasons including altitude sickness, hypothermia, exhaustion and dehydration"

Lesley also made sure she took a big stash of Juice in a Bars, "I took quite a few bars with me as I wasn’t sure what the food situation would be like and I wanted to make sure that I had at least some kind of decent nutrition. Also I wanted to share them out with my fellow climbers as an alternative to all the sweets and chocolate."

At Juice Master we want to congratulate Lesley for her amazing success. 

Visit Lesley's Juice Therapist page 

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