2011 Juice Master Retreats now sold out

30 September 2011 2011 Juice Master Retreats now sold out

If you are not familiar with the Juice Master 7Ibs retreat: These unique retreats are based on the No. 1 Best-selling book '7 lbs in 7 days'. These retreats are an amazing opportunity to shed some unwanted lbs and experience a total mind and body detox in sun drenched southern Turkey. All our retreats are run by the Juice Master team who are experienced in making your week so much more than a weight loss bootcamp. click here for more details

Here’s just a few testimonials from 2011:

"Thank you for forwarding Jason's email. Warren and I had a great time, it did us both the world of good.  In fact, Warren has not smoked since and I have not drank alcohol or caffeine.  It has certainly changed our life for the better.  Jason and his team are experts at what they do and I know for sure they are having a positive effect on each and everyone that has the same fortune as us to be able to spend time with We are helping juice the world as we are telling everyone we know and even those we don't about the positive effects of juicing and exercise. I look forward to seeing Portugal - all our very best for that project". Melissa

"Thank you all for the best week. There certainly is something magical about being in the mountains.I have come home with a different perspective on life and myself ........and made many new friends into the bargain. For the record, I can also say by blood pressure has dropped considerably, which I am delighted with.We used to listen to music during yoga. Kenny played one track in particular during our ashtanga yoga sessions. If he remembers the track, is there any chance he could forward details of how I can find it? Thank you all for your efforts in making our week such and memorable experience". Sue

"Please let Jason know that Karen and I are both on a post Turkey high, wtih the following results:

1. we've lost 18lbs
2. we've decided to come back to Turkey in the first half of next year.
3. we're going to invite lots of our friends to join us, hopefully to fill the Big Villa
4. we've decided to come to Portugal when it's open in the second half of next year. we're having juice twice a day
5. we're having two juices a day we're walking everywhere and loving it we've decided we are going to give everyone we know a Jason Vale book for Christmas (only half jokingly - are there discounts or small bulk purchases of the new Juice Book, please?)
Have a great weekend!" Heather and Karen

want to book for 2012?

If you wish to be told when the 2012 dates are available and catch the launch offer, email nina@juicemaster.com

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