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Think juicing is a long or difficult process? Want to make healthy juices but don't think you have time to? Think Again! It takes literally minutes to make a delicious, nutritious juice AND clean your machine.

Using Your Juicer


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Using Your Juicer

Top Tips for using your juicer

We've compiled our top tips for getting the most from your juice extractor

1) If your juicer has a pulp bin, line it with a bio-degradable bag or waste bag. It saves washing the pulp bin and the waste can be collected and transferred into the compost bin/waste bin easily.

2) Fill the chute with produce before starting the machine.

3) When the motor is running (machine is started), plunge the produce down half way and then keep topping up the produce and continue to juice like this until you have juiced everything needed to make the juice.

4) Keep the motor running for about a further 15 secs after all of the produce is juiced – you will be surprised at how much juice will keep coming out of the machine.

5) Always juice pineapple at the end. Some soft fruits, such as pineapple do not juice well as the fibres can block the filter and so its always best to juice these last.

6) Wash the juicer straight after juicing (see the video) as this then allows you to relax and enjoy your juice and stops the juicer from getting stained or the left over pulp going hard and making washing the juicer tricky.

For your guide as to which juicer to buy please see our Choosing a Juicer page.


Making juice in super fast time

1. Place all the ingredients you need for your recipe on a chopping board before you do anything else.
2. Place a biodegradable pulp bag in the 'pulp container' of your juicer. (If you don't have any Juice Master biodegradable pulp bags, just use a carrier bag). This will help as this will be one less part to clean. Note: Not all juicers have separate pulp containers.
3. Prepare, wash and, if you need to (depending on your juicer), cut the produce into pieces small enough to go into the chute of your juicer. Put back into the fridge and produce not required in this recipe. If you have any ingredients which need blending  as part of the recipe, add them to the blender at this stage.
4. Half fill the sink with warm soapy water.
5. Turn on the juice extractor and juice everything in one go.
6. Put the jug of juice to one side before cleaning. (if you are making a smoothie, then pour the juice into the blender and blend until smooth, then pour and leave the glass to one side). Make it a rule not to drink your juice until you have cleaned the machine.
7. Undo the machine, scoop out the pulp from the lid of the machine and place it into the bag that's in the pulp container (or into the bin if you don't have a separate pulp container on your juicer). Throw the big into the bin or, preferably, put it aside for composting.
8. Put all the parts of the machine (except the electrical unit) into the sink.
9. Most parts of the machine will simply rinse clean with warm running water. The mesh/filter part will need scrubbing with a small brush  in order to clean it effectively. It is very important the this part is cleaned properly in order to extract the maximum juice from future uses.
10. Quickly run a tea towel over the machine, put it back together and return everything to your 'Juice Station', where it's once again inviting to use.


Storing your Juice in a flask

If you wish to store any excess juice or are pre-packing juices for the day here is what to do:

  • Fill you flask (vacuum flasks or the JM Sigg flasks are great options) to the brim to reduce any air gaps which reduces the speed of the oxidising juice/smoothie.
  • Add ice to keep the enzyme activity alive for longer (and for better taste).
  • Add lemon/lime to help to preserve the juice/smoothie too.

How long will it last in a flask?

Depending on which juce extractor you've used will depend on how long you can store your juice for.  If made in a centrifugal juicer you can store your juice for about 5-7 hours without it significantly effecting the taste or nutritional content.  If you are using a masticating juicer, you can store your juice for anything up to 48 hours after making.

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