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We believe there is fundamentally only One Disease and therefore One Solution. The body gets sick due to two basic things - Toxicity and Deficiency. If we remove the Toxicity and replace any Deficiencies, the vast majority of common ailments improve or go away completely. We believe it really is that simple. However, there is also a lot of research to support which particular fruits and vegetables can help with particular ailments. We have therefore compiled a comprehensive list of ailments and outlined fruits and vegetables along with juice recipes that could be of benefit to each particular condition.

Please understand WE ARE NOT DOCTORS at Juice Master and you should ALWAYS see your GP if you have any ailment and wish to know the best approach for treatment. Please never come off a medically prescribed drug without your GP's permission. Although we strongly believe in what is termed as,  'Alternative' therapy - we are not anti-doctor or completely anti medical drugs either. Jason is the first to say that his Asthma drugs saved his life.The advice we give for every ailment is not meant as medical advice and we wish to make that very clear.

Believe it or not, even if you had Scurvy we wouldn't say to you that lemon juice will cure you. If we did, we would be 'practicing medicine without a license' and we would be closed down. I really wish I wasn't joking, but we are not allowed to say any fruit or vegetable can 'prevent, treat or cure disease', even if it can. With this in mind, ALL the advice we give is not medical, but it does have research to back it up. Once again though, if you follow the recommendations it doesn't mean your condition will improve, it is just a suggestion that it will.

Don't get us wrong, there will always be a need for 'crisis health care' and the medical profession are second to none when it comes to this area of treatment. What we question is long term drug use for common ailments. Often drugs simply treat the symptoms and do nothing to get to the cause. Jason himself was on many drugs for his Asthma for many years and and it wasn't until he changed his diet that his Asthma went away. This doesn't mean if you have Asthma this will happen to you, but it means there is no harm in trying. After all, we are recommending the juices from fruits and vegetables. If you are taking medication please make sure you check with your GP that you can drink certain juices as some will interfere with the drugs.

Natural Juice Therapy isn't new. The natural healing juices found in fruits and vegetables have been used to treat disease for thousands of years. It is only in very recent years that this type of treatment has become easier due to the invention of electronic juice extractors. This has led to an increase in Natural Juice Therapy. If you have any questions or need further individual advice please free to contact one of the accredited Natural Juice Therapists.

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