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The Reboot with Joe - Juice Diet

 Joe has distilled all he's learned during his incredible journey of transformation into The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet. Now you too can take control of your diet and improve your health by consuming more fruits and vegetables. It really is that simple.

When you consume only juice, your system is flooded with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help your body stay strong and fight disease, so The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet is the perfect way to power up your system and lose weight, increase your energy levels and think more clearly.

Join the Juice Revolution and give yourself a reboot!


Or Try One of Jason Vale's
Own Juice Programme


5lbs in 5 Days


Start your juice reboot today with Jason Vale's newest, easiest and most effective juice program ever.The '5lbs in 5 Days' book not only includes the program but 'The After Plan' with all the fundamental points such as, '5-2-5 After Plan', 'The Low H.I. Way of Life', 'The Law of Four' & 'Be Limitless and Make Your Life Extraordinary'.


Download the '5lbs in 5 Days' app

5lbs App




App Testimonials

“A must have for every household. It’s put together very well with easy to follow instructions, tasty and well thought out recipes and good support tips from Jason. A plan I should follow throughout my life not just for the incredible weight loss, but because of how great it makes you feel at the end.”

Mrs Macgrgor

" juicing. 5 days in and feel amazing. I had no withdrawl, haven't thought twice about eating food & have lost 7lb already, I know you are not supposed to weigh yourself until the end but I couldn’t help it! If you want to feel great & lose weight then this is for you.......BUY THIS APP!!!"



7lbs in 7 Days


Lose up to 7lbs in 7 days with Jason Vale's ultra-fast 1-week super juice cleanse. Jason has designed a healthy and effective diet and exercise programme to reshape your body in just one week, but with lasting results, and all from the UK's leading health coach and seminar leader Jason Vale.


Download the '7lbs in 7 Days' app

7lbs App




App Testimonials

“One of the best examples of why apps can be so useful!! Guiding informative, inspirational and most of all effective. The juices are delicious and filling. My skin was radiant after the seven days and i FELT REFRESHED AND ENLIVENED.
Truly 5 stars!”


"The application is amazing. Several helpful things, such as organising a shopping list for you and the videos offer very good instructions. It's all very clear. As for the diet itself, it is just amazing how just half way through I had a much flatter stomach. It's really got me hooked into juicing and I advertise it to friends and family big time."


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