Clear Skin Programme


On his journey of health and discovery Jason Vale discovered how to drastically improve his own Psoriasis and clear his Eczema forever. In this completely updated Clear Skin Programme Jason shares his years of knowledge so you can start your journey to clearer skin.


Worryingly 350 people in the UK alone commit suicide because of psoriasis. A further 10,400 develop depression and 7,100 are diagnosed with anxiety.This is why Jason is supplying this download FREE of charge. If this information can help just one person improve their skin, it will have been worth it.

"The aim of this programme is not only to show you how you can improve your skin, which I realise for many of you will be a miracle in itself, but to also illustrate how to manage your thoughts and diet, so you can maintain clear skin for the vast majority of the time. Clearly, not all skin conditions are the same and some may take longer than 30 days to see the kind of results you’re looking for, but, other than psoriasis, most conditions should show signs of improvement within 30 days". Jason Vale, author

"Hi I am juicing like mad, sticking to the programme and my skin looks fantastic!!!!!
Just cannot believe the improvement in just over 2 weeks, it is well on the way to being
clear - which would be the first time in 45 YEARS!!! Will keep you posted. And on top of
all that
I have lost half a stone!" Jackie

ust wanted to say a Massive Thank You for the results I have had on your Clear Skin Programme.
I get married on the 6th September and I will be doing so
almost completely clear of psoriasis
for the 1st time in years. I no longer have any patches on my chest, abdomen, arms or back what so
ever and have recommended the plan to everyone I know who suffers skin complaints
. The difference
the programme has made really is like night and day and
I feel so much healthier at the
same time so I can't Thank You enough."
Keith Long Cert PFS MIFP

"I am telling all my friends to do the clear skin programme as it has completely changed
my life

"Many thanks for your download - that Jason has taken the time and effort to make his experience and expertise available in this way - and for free- says a huge amount about his and dedicaiton to the health of the nation and for his generosity of spirit.  I will be passing this on to a couple of friends who suffer from psoriasis and I'm sure they will benefit from this programme". Marie

"I just wanted to send a quick note to say what an incredibly generous gift to people this little booklet is. We are so used to people making a quick buck off everything these days that is refreshing to see Jason spend his time and energy on something to genuinley help other people affected by the condition he suffered from and understands. I will certainly send the link to some friends who suffer from eczema and im sure they will find it as interesting as i have" Lynne


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