What is a Juice Master Diet?

Jason Vale's 'The Juice Master' Juice Diet is a really simple, healthy and effective weight loss and energy boosting system designed to furnish your body with live nutrients for either three, seven or fourteen days and then give you the tools to juice for life. 

All the programmes feature Juice Recipes, Smoothies, shopping lists and an easy to follow guide. You will learn how to adapt juicing into your daily diet and keep the weight permanently off. Customers who have completed one of Jason's Juice Diet Programmes regularly report they also have glowing skin, harder nails, brighter eyes, shiny hair, improved concentration, improved overal physical and mental health, less stress and importantly a flat tummy.

These programmes have been carefully designed to nourish your body completely on a cellular level - meaning you will be receiving all the required nutrition.  
Jason has also added the right psychology to get you in the right frame of mind to make completing the programme easy. Jason also includes a guide to make sure you introduce the right foods gradually, and also a 'guide for life' plan is included which will allow you  to continue to lose weight (if required) and more importantly, not put it back on.

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Keeping it simple

5lbs in 5 days 7lbs in 7 days Juice yourself slim Turbo charge your life in 14 days

Why start juicing? Why's it so good?

Juicing furnishes the body with the finest, easiest to ingest nutrients on the planet, and juicing retains 95% of the nutrients found in fruit and vegetables.

These macro-and micro-nutrients are often much more bio-available (meaning more of the nutrients will get to where they are needed) to your cells once juiced and they feed the body with precisely what it requires for optimum health.

Juicing is a truly phenomenal way of supplying the body with the finest nutrition in the fastest possible time without the energy-zapping digestive process. It takes more of the bodies energy to digest and process food than virtually any other activity. If you already have a clogged, over-weight, tired, ill system then your body can do with all the help it can get on the digestion front to ensure you absorb a maximum amount of nutrition.

Should I make juices or smoothies?

Vegetable juices have a high nutritional value and reign supreme.

Fruit smoothies are great, however, you can slightly overdo fruit and they can, unless you are careful, cause unnecessary sugar imbalances. All dark green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, cucumber, wheatgrass, kale etc. contain something called chlorophyll. This stuff traps the energy from sunlight and when the plant is broken down, the life giving energy is released. When you juice green veg you are effectiviely making your self a cup of green sunshine - Well kind of!

In Jason's books there are lots of juicing recipes, juice plans which will go into more details about the difference between juices and smoothies and why combinations are best.

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What form of exercise should I do?

Rebounding is the best form of exercise on earth and Jason Vale highly endorses it. There's no need for special instruction, you can use your Rebounder for bouncing, jogging or dancing. Rebounding could possibly be the most perfect exercise!

Rebounding is an exercise that works your whole body, firms your legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips, increases your agility and improving your sense of balance. Rebounding also provides an aerobic workout for your heart, rejuvenates your body when it's tired, and generally puts you in a state of health and fitness. It is a fantastic addition to juicing for an optimum healthy life style.

Which supplements should I use?

There are good supplements and bad supplements and then really bad supplements. It shouldnt be a necessity to have to take supplements, however, it makes sure you are getting the finest quality nutrition daily and not by chance.

You can't escape the fact that due to overuse of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and general over farming, our fruit and veg is often a far cry from what it should be. Plus it's known that some of the most powerful antioxidants fruits in the world are found miles from our shores and cannot be shipped fresh. A couple of examples are acai and goji berries which are simply loaded with antioxidants.  Also, there are some things that either just don't juice well or are very hard to get hold of - dandelion, spirilina, barley grass, and ginseng for example. The Juice Master range of food supplements are not vitamin and mineral supplements, but the highest quality FOOD supplements. We use no cheap fillers and only use the finest ingredients. Our range is small and only includes food supplements we genuine believe most people could benefit from. 

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Which Juicer do I buy?

At Juicemaster every juicer has been tested and given the Jason Vale Seal of Approval. However we do have our favourites of course.

90% of people own a centrifugal juicer because they are the easiest to clean and to use.  If you want to purest juice that you can keep for a long time then you will need a masticator.  Great masticating juicers can be used for wheatgrass, vegetables or fruit, (although it juices wheatgrass and hard vegetables best). Then there is the vertical masticating juciers or twin gear juciers (masticating juicers) for those with a larger budget or wish to do some serious juicing. These juicers boost fantastic build quality and produce excellent juices in quick time, with their unique vertical layout giving a low rpm and excellent yield.

If your looking for a low price, high qulaity juice and ease of cleaning then give the Fusion Juicer a whirl.

Remember - Everyone is different and there is not one juicer that suits everyone. However, you have piece of mind that which ever one you choose you will be getting a quality juicer from a knowledgable and customer friendly company. If you would like to discuss your specific juicing needs then please feel free to call us on 0845 1 30 28 29.

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