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5lbs in 5 Days Juice Detox

5lbs in 5 Days

Jason Vale brings you his newest, easiest and most effective juice program ever. 

The 5lbs in 5 Days Juice Master Detox is the culmination of over a decades worth of research in juicing for optimum health and rapid healthy weight loss.

Not only will you lose at least 5lbs in 5 days (the average is actually 7lbs) but on both and mental and physical level, you feel as though you have been totally ‘re-charged’.

Celebrity Testimonials  

"Having had a morbid fear of raw veg for most of my life I desperately needed a massive health kick, needed to drop a few pounds and get some nutrients into my body. Jason’s juicy plan was actually really tasty and after dropping 9 pounds in 5 days I now incorporate a juice a day to get more than my 5 a day! Thanks Jason! Xxx"
Bronagh Waugh (Hollyoaks)



More Juicy Testimonials  

"I did the 5 days, then the next 8 days (so far on the Turbo-Charge Plan). This has been truly life changing. I have tried to lose weight for almost 10 years now. All I'd read about was low fat, low carb, high protein diet approaches....that was the supposed magic formula for weight-loss....never worked for me. I knew the first day in this was going to work. I'm down 10lbs and will stay the course until I lose another 15. I'm 100% confident it will happen. Feel great, skin is better than ever, sleep so well. I cant thank you enough, Jason. I'm so greatful."
Margaret Stinson

"OMGoodness!!! 5lbs in 5 Days Juice Cleanse COMPLETE!!! I am so happy. I've lost 11 pounds....YES, 11 pounds!!! I feel awesome. My blood sugars are great, I'm sleeping better than in years, my joint aches are gone. I am so happy I found this program." 
Janice Haddock Oldfield

"Hi Jase,Day 6 of the 5 day plan and I am pretty stunned at the results 11LBs lost, it's bloomin' amazing. To think I didn't want to juice before because I thought that juice was fattening, I just needed educating!I am going straight on to do the 5-2-5 plan, because BOOM thats the way I roll. I will send you a before and after photo when I am at goal." 
Mimi Scragg

"Thank you Juicemaster ! Down 7.5lbs after 5in5 ! Feel great, skin better and more energy! Will be following 5-2-5 for a few more weeks and juicing will become part of my life! Great stuff. Never juiced before and was really pleasantly surprised at how tasty they are and filling too. Kids even enjoyed trying them too-if I can do it anyone can :) thank you :) x" 
Jo Flynn

"Hello ! Well, morning of Day 5 (of 5lbs in 5 days) and I've lost a whopping 7lbs and most importantly feel a millions times better in myself plus I finally seem to have a better attitude to food. Had a juice for breakfast this morning as I'm now used to it so why bother changing? I have just made the cherry tomato soup from Juice Yourself Slim for lunch... Thank you for all the videos this week (well, last week really) and the videos on the app too. Without all of that encouragement I'd have found it much harder. I'm going to stay juicing and souping so I can continue all this goodness going into me. Thanks so much, you're a gem and your enthusiasm is totally infectious :) x" 
Natalie Seymour


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