Super Fast Food eBook

Super fast Food Book

No Chef Required!

Jason Vale – the world’s number one name in juicing – brings you his first ever whole-food recipe book.

Packed with over 100 truly inspirational recipes, from incredibly healthy superfood breakfasts – that go beyond just juice! – to brownies to die for! You’ll find healthy versions of all the classics from pizza to pasta to risotto and even a healthy veggie burger and fries! As you would expect, the book is also bursting with super salads, super soups and amazing fish recipes. Whether you’re a vegan, veggie or pesci there’s something for everyone! There’s also two Super food Me! 7-Day Plans to choose from, making healthy eating even easier. This is the perfect book for anyone who has just finished one of Jason’s Juice Challenges and is looking for some inspiration.

Super Fast Food App


“I love it Great app, easy to follow and love the food planner idea. LOADS of great recipes and well worth the money 🙂”
(Tommy Opray)

Super fast Food App

Whether veggie, vegan or pesci the Super fast Food app has something for everyone. The best feature is arguably the ‘Design Your Own Diet – 7-Day Meal Planner’ function, which takes it way beyond ‘just another recipe app’.

App Includes:

  • OVER 100 delicious recipes
  • 95% of recipes are GLUTEN FREE
  • No In-App Purchases … EVER!
  • FREE updates Forever!
  • ‘HOW TO MAKE’ recipe videos from Jason!


Super Fast Food is an eBook

Super fast Food eBook

The Super fast Food book is also available as an eBook on Apple iBooks or Amazon Kindle.

Jason believes that the whole business of healthy eating has been overcomplicated. This is why you won’t find any strange ingredients that can only be found in an Amazonian rainforest! You also won’t need to go to any specialised food shops for any of his recipes and anyone can make these simple, delicious, nutrient-packed superfood meals.



FREE Veggie Shopping List


A handy shopping guide for all the produce you need if you’re following the Super fast Food Vegetarian Plan!

FREE Pesci Shopping List

Pesci List

A handy shopping guide for all the produce you need if you’re following the Super fast Food Pescitarian Plan!