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Retro Super Fast Juicer & Blender

+ FREE Books, Wall Planner & DVD

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This fantastic package will provide you with the amazing Retro Cold Press Juicer and a range of recipes, inspiration, motivation and juicing/soup plans.

Included in this bundle:

  • Retro Fast Juicer
  • Retro Super-Blend Blender
Free delivery to United Kingdom

This fantastic bundle features not only the Retro Super Fast but also a whole load of other freebies! You cannot watch the Super Juice Me documentary or read the book without being inspired to bring juicing into your life. The 5:2 book shows you an incredible easy way to embark on a healthy lifestyle and regularly cleanse your system, while The Funky Fresh Juice book has over 100 delicious recipes with special chapters such as ‘Gym Bunnies’, ‘Dr Juice and ‘Kidz Corner’.

To avoid clogging, we recommend cutting celery stalks into smaller pieces and juicing very fibrous fruits such as pineapple last. Do not juice raw rhubarb.

Plus all these for free!

  • Super Juice Me! Documentary DVD – RRP £14.99
  • Super Juice Me! Wall Planner & Shopping List – RRP £9.99
  • Super Juice Me! Book – RRP £11.99
  • 5:2 Book – RRP £12.99
  • Funky Fresh Juice Book (Hardback) – RRP £24.99

Over £70 Of Free Gifts Included:


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Retro Super Fast Juicer

The Retro Super Fast Juicer has a unique ambidextrous design meaning it can be perfectly positioned anywhere on your work surface and supports both left and right handed users. Its powerful centrifugal technology, wide funnel and separate pulp container, makes continuous juicing both quick and easy. The Retro Super Fast is not only fast to use but is also fast to clean, so now there’s no more excuses, simply juice, rinse and go!

What Jason Says:

“I have been testing juicers for over 15 years and the Philips 1861 was the best fast juicer I had ever used. This is why I put my name to that juicer for over 8 years. Philips, sadly, discontinued this model and I will never know why. I have been waiting for someone to make a suitable replacement and that time has finally arrived. The RETRO SUPER FAST juicer is the newest kid on the fast juicing block and it’s even better, in my opinion, than the 1861..plus it’s a lot, lot cooler. Easy to use, easy to clean, takes whole apples and smashes through all fruits and vegetables with ease. If you are into fast juicing, this is without question the best fast juicer on the market today”

Jason Vale

  • Anti-Drip Cap
  • Stainless Steel Cutting Disc and Bowl
  • Powerful Motor
  • Ergonomically Designed For Ambidextrous Use
  • Easy Clean
  • BPA Free
  • 1-Year parts warranty and a 25-Year motor warranty so if anything goes wrong you can just give us a call!
  • Material: Non-toxic plastic / BPA free
  • Chute Size: Whole fruit
  • Dimensions: 430 x 350 x 180mm (approx)
  • Weight: 3.4kg (approx)
  • Speed setting(s): 2
  • Juicing Type: Centrifugal Juicer / Fast Juicer
  • Motor: 700w
  • Capacity juice jug: 1000ml
  • Non-slip feet: Yes
  • Please note: This product is fitted with a 220-240v UK plug.

Retro Super Blender

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Retro Super Blend, where creating your own tantalizing and satiating smoothies just got a whole lot more stylish!
The Retro Super Blend is a fusion of cool 1950’s design, combined with the latest blender technology, resulting in a powerful, eye catching, space efficient appliance.

  • 2 x Large Cups
  • 3 x Small Cups
  • FREE Recipe Booklet
  • Travel, Stay Fresh & Shake Lids
  • 1-Year parts warranty
  • Blending Type: Compact Blender / Super Fast
  • Motor: 700w
  • Cord Length: 1.1m
  • Capacity Large Cup: 24oz
  • Capacity Small Cup: 120z
  • Voltage: 220-240V

IMPORTANT: Juicer parts are not suitable for extremely hot water or dishwasher conditions, due to the nature of the BPA free plastic

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