Fruit mix gives Heart Boosting effect


The research published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal found that a blend of fruits can greatly improve cardiovascular health.

The most potent fruits were found to be blueberries, grapes, cranberries, blackcurrants and lingonberries.

The tests, done on pig arteries, found that this ‘fruit cocktail’ causes artery walls to relax, a key factor in good cardiovascular function.

Jason commented, “we’ve known for years the simple fact that fruits are good for us. Even back in biblical times the ancient peruvians were making drinks from fruits and coconuts. It’s great news that more research has been done to show the truly powerful benefits that fruit has on the heart and the cardiovascular system”.

The study claims it’s the polyphenol content in fruit and berries that may be the key to this improved effect on the heart.

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